Friday, 17 April 2009

28mm Fourth French Army

Commander in Chief: Marshal Soult

Fourth French Army

Class Average
Fire Poor
Skirmish Good

4th French Corps

Corps Commander Average +2
13 Line CA FB SA
14 Line CB FB SA
15 Line CB FC SB
16 Line CC FC SB
11 Cavalry CA Light cavalry
4 Foot Artillery CA 12 pounder

5th French Corps

Corps Commander Poor +1
17 Line CA FB SA
18 Line CB FB SA
19 Line CB FC SB
20 Line CC FC SB
3 Cavalry CB Medium cavalry
5 Foot Artillery CC 9 pounder

15th Vistula Corps

Corps Commander Average +2

1 Line CA FA SA
2 Line CB FB SB
3 Line CB FB SB
4 Line CC FC SC
13 Lancers CC Light cavalry
6 Foot Artillery CB 9 pounder

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