Friday, 17 April 2009

28mm First French Army

Commander in Chief : Emperor Napoleon

First French Army

Generals Good
Class Good
Fire Poor
Skirmish Average

1st French Corps

Old Guard Commander Gifted +3
1 Guard CA FB SA
2 Guard CA FB SB
3 Guard CA FC SB
4 Guard CB FC SC
1 Chasseurs CA Light
1 Foot Artillery CA 12 pounder

2nd French Corps

Young Guard Commander Average +2
5 Guard CA FB SA
6 Guard CB FB SB
7 Guard CB FC SB
8 Guard CB FC SC
5 Cavalry CB Medium
2 Foot Artillery CB 9 pounder

3rd French Corps

Corps Commander Average +2
9 Line CA FB SA
10 Line CB FB SB
11 Line CB FC SB
12 Line CB FC SC
6 Cavalry CB Heavy
3 Foot Artillery CC 9 pounder

14 Westphalian Corps

Corps Commander Poor +1
5 Line CA FA SB
6 Line CB FB SA
7 Line CB FB SB
8 Line CC FC SC
14 Cavalry CC Light
6 Foot Artillery CB 9 pounder

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